Ski TV Network has been involved in the ski industry for over 40 years. The company launched as a place based TV network formally in 2009 while the predecessor weather board kiosk network had been a staple in the industry since 1965.

As the technology revolution continued to roll across the advertising landscape, the senior management team identified a unique technology solution that would prove to be a runaway hit with ski resort operators and national advertisers. Changing from a stand-alone information kiosk system into a dynamic high definition television network was made possible by combining the best in class of many hardware and software technology offerings.

Partnering with the LG Electronics as a provider of all of the Networks many LCD screens was merely the first step. Establishing a long-term working relationship with Sony Broadcasting to establish a fully operational network studio in Atlanta was the pivotal point to roll out the offering to our resort partners. Within months the network was broadcasting compelling video content from Atlanta to our resort affiliates nationwide.

The network continues to see explosive growth with additional advertising and resort affiliates being added as new technology solutions are developed and deployed to further accelerate the company’s position in the marketplace.